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Torroella de Montgrí

Vehicle Distance
16.2 KM
21 min
Visit time: 1 hour on foot through the village

The mediaeval town of Torroella de Montgrí, frequented by the kings and queens of the Crown of Aragon, is located between the River Ter and the mountain massif of Montgrí, in the Baix Empordà district, very near the sea. It has a pleasant climate, with an average annual temperature of 14.8ºC, an average in January of 8.8ºC and in July, 22.5ºC. Its main sources of wealth are agriculture, thanks to the fertile irrigated land, and trade, with a weekly market every Monday morning. There is also industry, with workshops and small businesses. Throughout the year it offers the visitor a varied programme of cultural activities, such as the Torroella de Montgrí Music Festival in summer.

An ideal village for strolling around and enjoying the different eras that have shaped it. The layout of the town was planned in 1273 with octagonal, ordered streets which converge on the square. The main hubs are Calle Ullà, Calle Primitiu Artigas, Calle Mayor and Calle de la Iglesia. These four streets converge on Plaza de la Villa, the compulsory starting point for everyone who visits this town for the first time. The arcades of the Plaza de las Villa are irregular, but with very precise proportions. Their different perspectives according to the portico you are looking from give this square its very special look.

A stroll through Torroella is also a journey through time. From the remnants of the walled town of Torroella, Santa Caterina Gate (11th-12th centuries), The Witches Tower (15th-16th centuries); two treasures of the municipality, the Gothic church of Sant Genís (14th-19th centuries) and the castle of Montgrí (18th century); from the 16th-17th centuries, Casa Pastors, Casa del Metge in Calle Mayor and to finish, a final special touch, the colonial houses built by the Americanos who, having made their fortunes, returned home. These houses today also form part of this architectural treasure, a highlight of which is: la Fundación Mascort.


Time 36 min

Visit time: 1 hour on foot through the village

Torroella de Montgrí should nowadays also take in L’Estartit, a fishing village which today is also a tourist destination featuring a marina and boat club, from which boats set off daily on a variety of excursions around the Medas Islands and the Roca Foradada.