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Vehicle Distance
14.1 KM
21 min
Visit time: 1.5 hours on foot through the village

Dominated by its castle, with a magnificent view over Pals beach on one side and on the other Begur, it gives its name to one of the most quintessential districts of the area, where families of coral gatherers, fishermen, Indianos and bottle-cork producers have played the leading roles in brilliant pages of a story that is reflected in every street, every house and every corner of the village.

On its outskirts, you can see a large number of 16th-century defensive towers (from the time when pirates sailed the Mediterranean, and built by the people of Begur as a means of refuge from the attacks). A visit to the church (a Gothic style building devoted to San Pedro) is a must. It is the nerve centre of the town and is surrounded by cafes and shops. A walk through the town or around its historic buildings, such as the Casino Cultural, the Old Stairway or the over 40 Indiano buildings catalogued by the Fundación Begur Cuba, gives an insight into its past.

Beaches and coves

Begur has 7 beaches, at Isla Roja and El Racó (Corner) leading to La Platja del Grau (Grade Beach) at Pals.

Sa Riera beach, traditionally for fishermen, the coves of Aiguafreda, where there is a small jetty for boats and also a pleasant picnic area, and the coves of Sa Tuna, with their seafront houses, from where excursions in canoe and other rowing boats set off, round off this group of coves.

The next cove, also to the east , is Sa Tuna, typified by its sheltered situation and tortuous access. This pebbly cove offers pleasant bathing in clean, transparent waters and peaceful walks on the coastal path.

Located just at the foot of Cabo de Begur and sheltered on all sides, we find Platja Fonda (Honda Beach).

Connected by the road to Fornells Beach: N’Estasia cove, Ses Orats, Malaret cove and Puerto de Esclañá, renowned for its transparent water.

The last beach belonging to Begur, to the south of Fornells, is the inviting Aiguablava beach, which features shallow, crystalline waters and fine, light-coloured sand.